All day -Breakfst

Our all day breakfast provides with just the confinence for when you are craving that bacon and egg combonation. No matter what time it is ! 

Along with the set combination of ingredients, we also welcome customers to customsie there orders to suite they own personal comfort, after all, our number one goal is to make YOU happy .
  1. 21.9
    Corn Fritter w House Made Salsa
    Poached egg, avocado, fresh salsa, yoghurt, balsamic glaze, tomato relish, rocket
  2. 21.9
    Mexican Surprise
    Sourdough ,smashed guacamole, pico de gelo salsa, dukka, coriander, charred corn
  3. 9.5
    Bacon and Two Egg Roll
    Premium bacon, with the choice of bbq or tomato sauce
  4. 17.9
    Breakfast Bowl
    Granola -Roasted coconut -Milk or Chobani Yogurt - Fresh Berries -Honey
  5. 16.5
    Breakfast Roll W Salad
    Bacon - Spinach - Fried Egg - Tomato relish
  6. 20.5
    Eggs Benedict
    With Bacon OR Salmon OR Pulled Pork Spinach -Poached Eggs -Sourdough -Hollandaise Sauce
  7. 22.5
    Vegetarian Breakfast
    Smashed avocado, egg, confit tomato, sourdough ,confit mushroom, house made beans , hasbrown
  8. 17.9
    Lite Breakfast
    Smashed avo, halloumi cheese, eggs, confit tomato, sourdough
  9. 22.5
    Big Breakfast
    Bacon, egg, confit tomato, sourdough, beef sausage, house made beans, hash brown